Bastrop Adventures

So three of us took a short drive out to Bastrop for some location scouting and found some really great spots. While there are a few more sites that need to be found we are well on our way to getting our locations and also ruling others out. Was a long fun day. We posted a few shots up on our Twitter & Facebook Fan Page if you want to see some of the locations we were looking at.

-Lost Pines Production Team




Welcome to the website for the short filmĀ Lost Pines. We are excited to get this great project up and rolling. Currently we are in the middle of pre-production with a cleaned up script, producing team, script breakdown, & casting calls sent out. In the next few weeks and months we’ll be casting, scouting locations, and getting certain aspects of the film’s more complex sequences worked out. Throughout process feel free to check in here, our Facebook page, & Twitter feed for news updates.

-Lost Pines Production Team