First two days

First two days of production down. We’ve already started the road of long days, sore muscles, nicknames, inside jokes, and too much coffee. It’s awesome.

On Friday, we busted out our Bastrop Police car. We turned some heads of the neighbors, especially when Officer Ellison peels out of the scene. Then, we unveiled the rusty yellow bicycle that Stef rides throughout the film. Our Production Designer Claire White did A-1 work transforming a bike she got off Craigslist to an iconic prop for the film. We ended the day on the third floor of an office building where we used movie magic to turn a conference room into a stark juvenile detention visitor’s meeting room.

On Saturday, we caravanned to Bastrop, where we watched the sun rise and set. We shot all day at Bastrop High School. Mad props to the Producers, especially Sarah, who arranged for us to have the totally radical kids from Bastrop High show up to be in our Marching Band and Lacrosse Team. They were cracking us up all day long with their excitement and love for the process. We also wrapped Brooke Friesen, who plays Heidi Jo in the film after about 30 takes of getting punched in the nose.

Looking forward to the next week!

Stef and Heidi Jo