Updates, IndieWire, Casting

Hey y’all! Its been awhile since we’ve update the news on here so hopefully you’ve been following us back on Twitter & Facebook. Let’s start with some good news, we’ve got our locations! There are a few details to iron out here and there but that’s going well. Secondly we’ve got our crew! You might have noticed this as we added the crew page a few days back but there is more than that these are just the heads of the production (thank you to everyone we don’t have on he website by the way).

Now the BIG news. We were featured on IndieWire!!! Yeah it is awesome, but that’s not all folks! The feature has put us in a contest on IndieWire for Project of the Week which will does have prizes for the film such as consultations with industry contacts. So make sure to go on to IndieWire and vote for us!

Lastly, I’d like to say we have our cast set! Yes we are just full of exciting surprises right now. Anyway the cast is set, we’re just waiting on a few last details before we release the cast on the website. However we’ll hopefully have everything updated and ironed out this weekend, so make sure to check in a couple times over the weekend to see the updates.

Thank you all for your support, interest, and time. And we can’t wait to share more as we continue on this filmmaking process.

-Lost Pines Production Team

One last side note. While we have reached our initial goal on Kickstarter please continue to donate and tell your friends about us as that was just our initial goal and with every bit more, hopefully we can exponentially make this film better and better.